Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 here I come or cum...hopefully both!

Miss Fabulous did a great post about her men from 2008 and saying goodbye to them, and I want to do the same thing. Miss Fabulous if you're reading, I love your blog but everytime I try to comment on it, it won't let me! The same is true for Spencer Wildwood's blog, but please know I am reading and appreciating!

So to the following men from 2008, I am going to try not to ever think about you, move on from you, realize I deserve better and say my piece right here!

He Who Shall Not Be Named: Everything reminds me of you. I wish it didn't. You broke my heart, but I will never tell you that. I try and think you have issues, but maybe I am the one with issues. I didn't e-mail you for your birthday because I want you to be the one who last made contact. If you really wanted to keep in touch, you could easily find me online. And I also hate that you never had the balls to try and have anal sex with me even though I know you wanted to. Good-bye. I have wasted too much of my life thinking about you.

Mac: You are such an asshole. I'm glad I fucked your friend.

Model: You are smoking hot and I plan on staying in contact with you while you're deployed, but only as friends. I hope one day you stop being a man whore so we can have beautiful babies, because we would. We're both tall, thin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Hitler would be so proud.

Co-worker: I'm not sorry that I told you're girlfriend we were fucking. You are a snake. I can't believe you thought your game was so good that I would fuck you before work, while your girlfriend was on her way to visit you. You are such a manipulator and everyone sees that except your girlfriend. You are not the man you try to pretend you are.

Competition: I don't know how, but I think I like you more than you like me. Which is weird, because I know I am way cuter than you. I'm deleting your number so you won't get any crazy text messages from me ever again.

I'm sure there are a few other honorable mentions, but these are the only ones that stick out at the moment.

Here's the Co-worker story as brief as possible. Co-worker called during the holidays saying he missed me, let's have phone sex, all the things he wants to do to me. He's driving home on Monday and wants me to come over before he goes to work. I don't intend on having sex with him at all, but I like to tease him. I ask if we can do it after the show. He says no because he has work things he needs to do and will be out late. He never says this. No matter how late it is he always wants me to come over. I get the feeling girlfriend is coming to town. So after the show, I send him a text message about 45 minutes after work is over saying I'm on my way over. He calls me about 5 minutes later saying his girlfriend SURPRISED him for New Years blah blah blah. He swears he isn't a liar, but I point out that his girlfriend has no idea he's talking to me.

The next night we all go out. I see her. I say we need to talk. I pull her outside. Co-worker is looking nervous, but he's a manipulator so he probably thinks he can get his way out of it. I tell her I know we haven't been the best of friends and she starts going off on me about flirting with Co-worker! I'm thinking choose your battles girl, because I didn't just flirt. So I told her everything I could before she walked away from me to find him.

Last I heard she was still in town with him. Why do girls do that? He's not a good man. He cheated on her. He has plans to get back with his ex-girlfriend. She deserves so much better. I never want to be like that. And who knows what he told her about me! So there's the drama. Hopefully less drama next year. A psychic came to work yesterday and predicted I will be in a relationship in 4 months. She also said I may never have kids and won't get married until I'm 30. Oh, and I have 2 long term relationships before I get married. But who knows if you can believe that stuff! Happy New Year. Thank you for reading :)


floreta said...

thanks for sharing this. im coming to terms with being single still. my 2008 was only with one guy. 5 years of waste. i'm 25 and its the perfect time to be single!

Elwood said...

I have nothing to show for 2008.
Three months of limbo with the ex, a couple of dates with people over the summer and a make out session on a beach with a really drunk girl.

But whatever! Doesn't mean my year wasn't good, and even though you had a lot of drama going on, at least you had some excitment, and now you can use your experiences to help make 2009 a better year!

Miss Fabulous said...

I love your blog too and I have problems commenting on different blogs at random times too. Anyways, I hope 2009 is a better year for both of us - although mine did not start off good at all - stay tuned! :)

Andy said...

I'm still getting over this post. It's a shame you're not more upfront and honest.

This was good times- therapeutic for you, funny for me, and a mention of anal sex, no less!

Sparks said...

i love this wrap up! very cleansing! like new sheets on the bed.... ready for new guests. ;)
may they all be hotties with no wierd hang ups for you in 2009!

Caplyst said...

Nice way to put a bow on 2008. 2009 will be your year, things will cum around...*wink*

Dr Zibbs said...

Your blog is very titalating.

So@24 said...

My goal is to make your list for 2009.

But I don't want to jinx it.