Thursday, January 22, 2009

Something to ponder

My Google Reader is giving me a headache. There is over 300 things and I can not just click all as read. I need to get on this soon. There's a reason I have so much to read, because I was visiting my friend Comic and something strange happened. Comic if you remember is my ex-friends, ex-boyfriend.

When I first got to his house, he wasn't home yet. I let myself into his house and looked for his new Mac Book. When I went into his room, I saw a picture by his bed of him and my old friend, his now ex-girlfriend. I know they have been talking and seeing one another, and I don't care, except for the fact that I don't think she's a very good girlfriend to him.

When it came time to go to bed, the picture was gone. I wanted to say something, but decided against it because I didn't want to seem nosy. Then, the next day, she kept calling and he didn't pick up. His sister called and he was talking to her and she asked about the ex and he lowered the volume down on the phone so I couldn't hear what she was asking. And then he answered very vaguely.

I talked to my friend who says I should say something, because even though we had sex, this doesn't complicate things on my end. If he gets back together with her, I just hope we can stay friends. He should have been able to just pick up the phone when she called or leave the picture up. What do you think? Should I say something and let him know that I am ok with this? We talk about us being with other people. I mean this guy is like my best friend. I want to be a part of his entire life and I care about what happens with him and the ex no matter what way it turns out!


Dr Zibbs said...

Make sure to read all of my stuff first.

d said...

Wow. Tricky situation, more for him than you. I think you should be honest about how you feel the next time he lowers the volume or whatever. Let him know that it doesn't bother you if she is still in his life and that no matter what you want to remain his best friend.

I mean, he is your bff, you can and should be completely honest, right?

~*Miss A*~ said...

Heck yeah, I'd say something. You're just being a concerned friend really. I'm sure he'll understand where you're coming from! Just let him know that you don't want the situation to be awkward (no need to hide her pics) and that you're concerned about her not being the best girlfriend or even a good girlfriend for him.

slopmaster said...

am I the only one who knows how to give good advice around here?

You shouldn't say anything, your friend was right in being discree.

imagine if he would have said something right after you had sex with him? if he would have done the opposite of what he did and start oppenly talking about how he feels about your ex friend? You may have thought he was trying to tell you to stay away or that he didn't find you attractive. I wouldn't say anything, at least nothing accusatory. Maybe a simple 'how's it going with my exfriend' might be ok.

ps. please get rid of your word verification.