Monday, January 5, 2009


Of all the emotions I have ever felt, probably jealousy is the worst. And what better way to try and get over it, then by blogging about it? First of all, a girl I went to school with is on the show The City. She is living in New York as a model, so obvioulsy jealousy there, but she is also on this show that I think is pretty cool (Judge me all you want) Her name is Allie. Thankfully, her boyfriend in the show ends up being a pretty bad guy (see cheating whore), which makes me feel a little better. I mean she may be beautiful and living in the coolest place, but her love life is more messed up than mine!

Then there is another girl I went to school with who has the exact job I want, except she is doing it in our lovely city, without ever having to move to some small town to get experience yada, yada, yada. I can't help but be jealous. I try to think eventually I'll make more money than her or it won't last for her, but that doesn't stop the jealousy.

Not to mention the people who have those relationships that make you jealous. I am trying to come to terms with my jealousy, but it is so hard! I feel like the more I try and get over it, the more I think about it. I try to be honest with my emotions, because you aren't getting anywhere if you lie to other people and yourself, but jealousy is the one emotion you can't just get over. Because it makes you look at yourself and what's important and why do some people seem to have it all, while others are working their butts off to get there?

I'm over my jealousy rant. Deep breaths, deep breaths! Competition and I had a cute text message conversation about him not getting my message on New Year's Eve so we could hook up. He said his phone died, and I told him that he is only available on his terms and I don't like that. He said that he is hard to catch, but when you do get him he's 100 %. I said I would cut off all the guys from 2008, but there is something about him. He really is charming. He claims he is a triple threat: charming, good looking and funny. But he hasn't called me since last Thursday. What gives?


Miss Fabulous said...

What gives is guys are assholes. :)

I think it's normal to be jealous... to an extent. As long as you don't let it rule your life, ya know? It's also good to vent such feelings in a safe place like your blog with your non-judgmental and supportive readers!

Lump said...

Jealousy is a Bitch. We all experience, so it's completely normal.

unfortunately, I get jealous when a co-worker is eating a donut and I'm eating a banana. heh.