Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Sex of the New Year

Alright it happened. I have finally been de-virginized in 2009...I just wish I could remember. It started with my co-worker/bff cooking dinner and watching American Idol. We also killed a large bottle of wine. I was not planning on going out. After the wine, I realized I would need to stay at her house for awhile until I could drive home. I wasn't drunk, but maybe the wine hadn't caught up to me yet, because all of a sudden I was drunk and we were heading to a bar. Low and behold...Competition is there. Apparently I sucked him off in the bathroom of the bar, but I don't remember that. We also had sex and right before we did, he asked me, "Are you going to remember this?"

I said yes...hah! Fooled him. I've only had drunk sex with him twice so I don't even know if sober sex is worth it with him. I am moving out in 2 weeks to a new home and this new roommate has some cute friends aka potential hook ups. Please, let's hope the love life can improve!

Is it horrible that I can not stop thinking about He Who Shall Not Be Named when I'm masterbating?


Dr Zibbs said...

awww yeah.

slopmaster said...

public bathroom sex, it can be hot but you need to be really drunk, or really slutty.

And if you need a change of mental partners, feel free to throw me into the mix :)