Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday is in order

You know in Google Reader when you see one of your favorite bloggers doesn't have a new post and you feel a little sad, that's how I feel when That Blue Yak doesn't have anything new! Lucky for me, that barely ever happens. It's his birthday and even though we have never met, which we never will unless he come's to the west coast, because he lives in PA and I don't know how to use an ice pick, I want to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Competition text messaged me last night. I hadn't heard from him in like a week, since our last conversation about him being hard to get... I almost text him the other day but then I figured why bother? If he wants me, he'll make the move. And he did, but not quite what I was expecting:

Competition: what are you doing?

Me: about to get off work. i've been running around all day. are you at work?

C: no just drinking thinking about you

Me: drinks will do that to you

C: oh i know want to hook up?

Me: Sure i'm going out tomorrow night (Ed: I want to make it clear that he can't just call me and I'll come running. He can't be friends with benefits because the benefits are only when he has time. I do not want that)

***an hour later***
C: come over
***an hour later***
C: baby come over

I'm hearing that song right now. It goes something like "Don't call me baby. You've got to learn boy that will never do! You know I don't belong to you"

If he thinks adding baby is going to make me come running, he better think again! But now, I don't know what to do. I want to hang out with him because he's fun, but I would prefer if he made plans instead of just thinking I would come over! Do all men need to be trained? It's not like I think this guy is Mr. Right by any means, but he's fun. What's a girl to do? I don't know if I'll see him tonight, mainly because I'm practically a virgin at this point. Do I really want to give it up to him (even though I did once before)? Is he going to be the guy to break the drought? I'm not so sure... 8 days sober with no cock in me


GD said...

You know-- if he hadn't called you baby I'd say just go.. but if you go NOW he's going to think he can sweet talk you into it.

If you just want casual sex from him, wait until later tonight to put the ball back in your court and send him a "wanna fuck?" text... of course, a woman of your intellect could come up with a much classier way to say "wanna fuck?"

Oh and thanks for the comment-- I'm seeing The Musician for round 2 tonight.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Eeeew. I hate that text exchange. You deserve better.

Courtney said...

Love your blog! And I hate guys like this, too... the ones that just think you'll be there when THEY need to get some!

Jen said...

Just started reading blogs & came across yours!! You are seriously Haleriuos!! im at work laughing my ass off... literally had to leave the office to get my self togeather!! keep up the great posts!!!

So@24 said...

Baby? baby???

Come on, that's rookie and so cliche'd.

I never even called my girlfriend "baby". It grosses us both out

slopmaster said...

I LOVE you FS...

humm, what to do about this guy. Obviously he wants to play games, so if you're down play back, but make sure YOU win.

A virgin after 8 days... try 28 YEARS... You can hold off a little longer.

Dr Zibbs said...

Thanks for the shout out!