Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Friends

I have great friends! Today, I was a little upset over this incident with my grandma and my girl J totally had my back.

My friend M dealt with e-mails like this:

Me: I love us!

M: I love us too. Stop thinking about He Who Shall Not Be Named. There are so many better people out there for you.

Me: I just can't stop thinking about how our great our [edited for work] was, which he is now doing with his new girlfriend I like to call Cindy, and which I often think about while I am [edited for work] except Cindy is so not in what I am picturing!

The girl just gets me. Those edits for work are sex and masterbating, since I can tell you all now because I'm not on my work e-mail.

Even though Attached has a girlfriend, he is still very much there for me and I appreciate it so much!

Comic called me today and said, "I woke up so upset today." Of course I ask why? He says, "I just can not believe that this girl I went to high school with is on that new show on MTV, The City. I mean, can you believe it?"

And he seriously says stuff like this all the time. It makes me smile and I just feel genuinely lucky to have him as my friend. See why I call him Comic? :)

On a total sad and terrible note, how depressing is it that I have not been kissed all of 2009? I like to have sex every day in January, because as long as you do it, you can say you have had sex all year long. Now, I can say I haven't had sex this whole entire year. What the hell? I mean I know we're being anonymous, but I don't think I'm an ugly chick. Look, I'm not God's gift either by any means, but I don't think I should have already gone 6 days with no sex. Doesn't that seem like an eternity? I also haven't had any liquor in 6 days. Maybe I should just become a nun. It seems I'm well on my way!

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Andy said...

You continue to amaze me, in a good way. I know several good looking friends who would love to change your fortune.