Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm feeling evil

Is it weird that sometimes I think about what I'm going to write on the blog while I am masterbating? I mean usually I can get myself off quick, but last night it was taking so long. Actually, I couldn't sleep so I just kept masterbating and then I started thinking about what I wanted to write in the blog.

This little number didn't cum to me last night (sorry! I couldn't resist). Today I was talking to Attached and we were discussing std's. Both of us have never had one, not like having one is a club we want to be in anyway. I was telling him there's this website where you can send anonymous letters to people letting them know you have an std and that they should probably get tested. How horrible is it that I sometimes think about sending one to He Who Shall Not Be Named, just to be evil? I know horrible, which is why I never did it. but what a great revenge tool. Seriously men, women are crazy. I'll be the first to admit it.

Tomorrow we'll be talking about looks...what I think about looks and personality and how nothing regarding looks will ever make sense to me.

And back to women being crazy. I want to know the craziest thing you've ever done to an ex. Men, you're included in this one too. I have a few crazies, but probably the best one was having a friend of mine, M, myspace my ex-boyfriend and try to hook up with him. Later on, he saw us together and the plan was foiled, but it was a good attempt at crazy I think. I also like to say I am the #1 stalker. I have good tricks at finding people!

For this new horrible year: I have had 0 kisses, 0 hook ups, and 0 cocktails.


Miss Fabulous said...

You are not evil. You are normal. I've thought of the std ecard myself. It just seems like great revenge, but then I think like what if someone sent one to me. What a pain in the ass, and how mortifying! :) The worst thing I ever did to an ex was sleep with his brother. I still am proud of that one. (That might make me a bit evil.)

slopmaster said...

I am a nice person, I don't do such things, but I did send a diet book to exs who I didn't like and had gained weight. I know!

That sleeping with an exs brother is pretty crazy. I bet they didn't even mind though.

kind of weird that you wrote about STDs after my little scare.

GD said...

You're not weird for thinking of your next blog while masturbating... I'm pretty sure some of my best material has cum to me with vibrator in hand...

I haven't really dont anything mean to an ex, but there was this bitch in high school that made my life hell and her mother was equally bitch, so I fucked her brother.

Lump said...

I really hope it was ok that I laughed at your question. :) because I bet there are worst things to think about while masturbating.

and hell no you're not evil. sometimes we can be crazy, however. ME INCLUDED! :)

Dr Zibbs said...

Why don't you think of me next tme you're masturbating?